New release of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums

The team I'm working on just released our latest version of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums.

For Search this is the latest release and includes the following new features (

  • Auto-complete hit highlighting.  Now if you search for "writeline" you'll see all words that contain that phrase.  The terms are also now ordered by the number of times we see a certain term requested.
  • Stackable refinements: after you search and we identify which topic and/or source contain your search term you can now click on multiple topic and/or source refinements and stack them to narrow your search further.
  • We have increased the number of correct results for a search term with new algorithms, so hopefully you'll find your information even faster!

Profile (

  • This is a new application that will drive your profile for things like search, forums and other apps to come.  So, if you have a live ID go ahead and sign up here to reserve a display name and upload an avatar!

Forums (