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Setting up DFS at home? Learn from Charlie.

It always amazes me when I learn the advanced home networks some people set up. Charlie Kindel has...

Author: Brian Dewey Date: 04/26/2004

Understanding the policy "Do not automatically make redirected folders available offline"

Today, the CSC team (the people who bring you Offline Files in Windows 2000 and Windows XP) was...

Author: Brian Dewey Date: 02/06/2004

Understanding ACLs in NTFS

Associating Access Control Lists (ACLs) with files is the fundamental mechanism for securing file...

Author: Brian Dewey Date: 01/20/2004

What's the "Web Client Network"?

I had a customer ask me this today, so in case others are wondering: What's the “Web Client...

Author: Brian Dewey Date: 01/19/2004

What makes a valid Windows file name?

A common question for people starting to program on Windows is, “What makes a valid Windows...

Author: Brian Dewey Date: 01/19/2004


Hello. I'm the Lead Program Manager for network file system technologies in Windows. As I've watched...

Author: Brian Dewey Date: 01/19/2004