iWork ‘08 supports the Open XML formats

I talked the other week about how the iPhone supports the Open XML formats. It's pretty incredible to see such a huge uptake in applications that support the format, given that the standard was finalized less than 9 months ago. The traditional applications such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, and even Corel Office either already have support or have announced that they will.

Today Apple released iWork '08, which is a suite of three Mac applications called Keynote, Pages and Numbers (similar to PowerPoint, Word/Publisher, and Excel). This suite reads the Office Open XML files with very high fidelity. So this adds to the growing list of implementations of the Office Open XML standard.

I think the OpenXMLCommunity.org folks are pulling together a list of all the applications that currently support Open XML. Here's the list I have currently , but I'm sure I've missed some (I've started to lose track).

Pretty cool stuff!



Quote of the day

4screen AG - Switzerland

"4screen AG is one of the founding members of OpenXMLCommunity.org as we are a strong believer in open document formats. Ecma OpenXML is a key enabler for us to build interoperable solutions which our customers demand. We also support efforts to get OpenXML approved as an ISO/IEC standard."

- Patrik Döös