Links 09-28-2007

Well I thought I would have time to work more on the FAQ the past couple weeks, but that was naive of me. I've had zero free time, and had to struggle just to get a few free minutes to pull this post together. Hopefully things will slow down soon. (hAl, thanks for sending me the suggested changes in e-mail, I'll get on it soon)

I had a few interesting links I wanted to point out today, some of them are a bit older but I still thought they were good to call out:

  • Jody Goldberg talks about implementing ODF and Open XML – I may have spoke a bit too soon in referring to Gnumeric's support of OpenXML as being really rich, but that's slowly changing. Jody talks about how he was able to pretty easily add in Open XML's charting recently. There are some great discussions down in the comments of the post.
  • Article on Open XML interoperability between Linux and Windows environments – I saw this link on Doug's blog the other day and thought it was good to call out.
  • Florian Reuter gives a brief update from the conference – I talked to Florian about the conference a bit beforehand but haven't had a chance to sync up since. It sounds like it went really well though. Florian has been involved in a number of the ODF <-> OpenXML interoperability discussions, including the DIN work.
  • GemBox support for XLSX – Another product has built in Open XML support. According to their site it, "provides easy and high performance way to write, read or convert native Microsoft Excel files (XLS files in BIFF format, CSV files in text format or XLSX files in Open XML format) without the need for Microsoft Excel on either the developer or client machines. GemBox.Spreadsheet Free comes free of charge".

Well, that's it for now.

-Brian Quote of the Day:

BT Sistemi s.r.l. – Italy

"The integration of information sources (internal and/or external), which will allow more streamlined processes, increased productivity, and the creation of new business opportunities, will be greatly enhanced by the adoption of Open XML as a standard."

- Pasquale Faccaro – Managing Director