Links - Jan 05 2007

Hope everyone had a great first week of 2007. I'm just trying to adjust to being back at work myself. Here are a handful of interesting links from the week:

The enchanted office

This was brought to my attention yesterday. It's a comic meant to show the story of the new Office 2007 user interface. Enjoy. J

Ahmed Nagy: Office Server Side Scenarios and the new documents format

I've seen this a lot lately, where folks are starting to think about all the user requests they've received over the years to geneate rich Office documents on the server based on backend data. There has always been HTML and RTF, but often times you want more than that. Maybe you care about headers & footers for a report, or you care about pivot tables and functions for a spreadsheet. The new formats now give you the freedom to create these types of solutions.

Away from the tour group, an MP3 player as your guide

I have to admit that on most trips my wife and I have more fun just setting into the local restaurants and pubs rather than seeing the sites, but this might make it a bit more interesting. I've never been a big fan of going with a tour guide, but I'm always curious in the history behind any site we do go to. This may be promising…

Microsoft's evolution, in keywords

Pretty fun tool that goes through the keywords used in various interviews with Microsoft folks. I'd also be interested to see it based on the month or year, rather than the individual article, but it's still pretty fun when you start to cursor back in time.

edhild's WebLog : Pro SharePoint Solution Development: Combining .NET, SharePoint and Office 2007

Ed's pulling together a book on Sharepoint development that has a few chapters discussing the Open XML formats and the ways you can leverage them as a developer.