Microsoft Office Developers Conference

This should be an awesome week. We have a ton of folks out here in Redmond for the Microsoft Office Developers Conference. If you didn't recieve an invitation, but would still like to follow what's going on, you can sign up for the live webcast tomorrow morning of Bill Gates and Kurt DelBene's presentation:

We're going to have a track tomorrow afternoon focusing specifically on the file formats. For those of you coming out for the conference, check out the following talks:

  1. FF301 Open XML Formats (Overview) - Brian Jones - In this first session I'll give an overview of the formats and drill into some of the ways we are already taking advantage of them for solutions within Microsoft.
  2. FF302 Open XML Formats (Schemas) - Shawn Villaron; Tristan Davis; Chad Rothschiller - The 2nd hour will have seperate drill downs into the the schemas for Word, PPT, and Excel files. We'll probably spend about 20 minutes on each
  3. FF303 Open XML Formats (Solutions) - Kevin Boske - In this final session, Kevin will show a number of examples of how to build solutions on top of the Open XML formats. He has a number of really sweet demos.

I'll also aim to be at the "ask the experts" lunches Tuesday - Thursday so swing by the File Format table and say hi if you get a chance.