No more anonymous comments?

Lately I've been wondering if the discussions in the comments portion of my blog would be more productive if everyone involved identified who they were, and also make it clear if they represented a company. I know a lot of people have appreciated that I don't moderate my comments though and I have always let folks express their opinions freely (sometimes if I catch it I'll remove profanity, but I always leave the comment posted).

What do you guys think? I saw that Bob Sutor is also taking this approach, and I think it may be a good idea:

The two drawbacks to this from my point of view are:

  1. I would actually have to review each comment before it gets posted (today every comment just goes through without my review, this way if I'm out for a few days, the discussion can still happen)
  2. Some folks have opinions that may not map to what their company believes, and for that reason would like to remain anonymous.

I honestly don't know what the best approach is here. What do you guys think?