Office Open XML Formats at TechEd

I hope I'll get a chance to see everyone down in Orlando next week! I'll be down at teched from Sunday to Friday. I have a session on the new formats on Tuesday at 3:

The session is on the new XML formats. We actually had to post the title and description before the file format announcement, so it doesn't actually directly reference the new formats, but that's what I'm going to cover (I think Joe submitted an update for the description & title the other day, so it may reference the new formats by now).

In addition to the session on Tuesday, we have a chalk talk thing later in the day on Wednesday (but I'm not positive on the timing). In general though I'll be hanging out at the cabana when I'm not presenting so feel free to swing by and we can talk. There are also a few other guys coming down who worked on the formats. Chad Rothschiller will be there from Excel, and Shawn Villaron will be there from PowerPoint. Scott Walker's team did the work on the container (ZIP, relationships, etc.), and he's going to be there too. Between the four of us, we should have you all pretty covered on any questions you'll have.

Let me know if there is anything you guys think would be good to have us prepared to talk about. We can try to get some demos together (heck, I'm still trying to narrow down what to demo at my session).

I'm really looking forward to being down there, it should be a lot of fun (although it's the first time my wife & I have been apart since we got married last fall, and 6 days feels like a long time to be away).