Open XML SDK Session at PDC

I wanted to share with you guys some really cool demos and source code I presented at PDC last month. In addition to some of the same content I have talked about in my previous posts, I showed solutions to other scenarios, including Open XML SDK solutions built on top of SharePoint. I also talked about some of the awesome tools that are available for building solutions on top of Open XML formats. For example, the SDK comes with three very useful tools:

  1. Open XML Diff – Allows you to compare two Open XML files to see differences at the xml and part level
  2. Class Explorer – Allows you to navigate the Open XML standard (Ecma 376 version) as it relates to the SDK
  3. Document Reflector – Probably the coolest of the three tools. Allows you to automatically generate Open XML SDK code based on an Open XML file

Check out the session here: If you are interested in checking out the source code to some of the demos click here.

Next time, I will show you how to merge multiple documents together into one document by leveraging altChunks.

Zeyad Rajabi