Short podcast with Dr. Dobb's journal

I had a brief conversation about the Ecma documentation with Dr. Dobb's journal earlier this week and they just posted a podcast of it up here:

It's hard to talk about all the cool stuff behind the file format in just 5 minutes, but I gave it my best shot :-)

On a more personal note (I pretty much just talk about work, since I'm sure most people could care less about me)... I'm heading up to Whistler for a few days, but I should be back online by Wednesday. We made these plans a couple months ago and I didn't even think about the playoffs. I had to give my Seahawk playoff tickets to my brother, but I'm pretty confident there will be at least one more game next weekend (sorry Redskins fans). I've got my Walter Jones jersey on today just for goodluck. I hope everyone has a great weekend.