Looking Forward to Next Week’s SQL Server JumpIn! Camp

Next week, Microsoft will host its second SQL Server JumpIn! Camp, and I’m very excited to be a participant (take a look at the list (below) of PHP applications and frameworks that will be represented and you will understand why!). I was fortunate enough to attend the first JumpIn! Camp (last November), and what I liked most about that camp was that it was an excellent two-way learning experience. The main goal of the first camp was (and is for next week’s camp) to add SQL Server support to several PHP applications and frameworks. (To understand why this was the goal, read these two interviews: Interview with Julian Egelstaff, Technical Architect at Freeform Solutions and Interview: Ashay Chaudhary on the SQL Server JumpIn! Camp.) In the first camp (as will be in the second camp) PHP and Microsoft developers worked side-by-side to learn from each other in working toward this goal. The end result was that, in addition to the stated goal being achieved, both PHP and Microsoft developers learned a great deal about each other and their respective technologies. (To see some of what I learned at the camp, check out these articles: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/brian_swan/archive/tags/jumpin+camp/.) I have every reason to expect next week’s camp to provide a similar experience for all involved.

Here’s the list of PHPApplications and Frameworks that will be represented at next week’s SQL Server JumpIn! Camp:

Look for updates about the camp next week on Twitter (we’ll use the #jumpincamp hash tag).


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