This Week’s Link List (March 19, 2010)

I said last week that I wanted to share my favorite links on a weekly basis, and I still do. But I’m changing the title of the weekly post from “This Week’s Greatest Links” (which, I have to admit, wasn’t a great title) to “This Week’s Link List” (which sounds better and is better for a list of programming-related links). Call me fickle, but I believe in the “fail fast” approach. If something isn’t right, change it quickly and move on. So here’s my “second” installment of This Week’s Link List:

1. At Confoo last week, there was a lot of talk about HipHop. I found Rasmus Lerdorf’s comments about HipHop to be interesting, especially this comment: “…most sites on the Web have a lot of lower hanging fruit that would provide a much bigger performance improvement… ”:

2. I posted a list of the best PHP-Microsoft resources a few weeks ago, but I missed this one. I was very surprised to find out how much free training is available for PHP developers who are using Microsoft technologies:

3. Did you know there is a forum dedicated to questions about Microsoft and Open Source? And that Microsoft employees answer questions? I didn’t:,112.0.html

4. I continue to learn new stuff every day…Silverlight for PHP Developers:

5. The command line tool for packaging and deploying PHP application in Windows Azure that I blogged about recently has been updated. Cool stuff:

6. Last week’s announcement of the release of IIS URL Rewrite Module 2.0 prompted me to do some digging into the features of this module. Although this video doesn’t cover the features of the 2.0 release, it does provide a very in-depth look at the capabilities of the module and how it is supposed to help manage URLs:

7. Even though I’ve blogged about this already, I just have to include this link in my list. I think that the OData SDK for PHP is very exciting:

That’s it. I hope some of those links are interesting, if not helpful.