Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Earlier this month, we released Visual Studio 2010 SP1.  The service pack is available for download from here and the updated Report Viewer redistributable can be found here.

We always prioritize our efforts based on feedback we receive through Connect as well as through the forums and other channels.  If you are running into problems with the product and believe you have encountered a bug, please file the issue at Connect so that we can investigate it.  We review those issues regularly and adjust our priorities accordingly.

This service pack contains a number of important fixes to the viewer runtime and design time components.  The list below is not an exhaustive list of fixes, but it does touch on the most common and visible issues that have been reported.

  • The most widely reported issue we have addressed is the use of nested objects in object data sources.  Attempting to reference nested objects in report expressions resulted in #Error.  I wrote about this problem previously.  This issue was fixed in the CTP for this release, though some customers continued to report the problem.  After investigating these instances, we discovered an additional requirement – in addition to requiring the objects to be serializable, this update also requires them to be public in order for the serializer to handle them correctly.
  • We have improved the rendering performance of the ASP.Net report viewer when rendering large HTML pages.
  • Data sets in subfolders of the VS project are now usable at design time.
  • Fixed a Visual Studio crash when using the Dataset Properties dialog in some projects that contained an edmx schema.
  • Fixed an issue in which a WinForms report viewer embedded in a WPF application resulted in an exception unloading an AppDomain while closing the application.
  • Fixed a problem in which some icons used in the calendar date picker for parameter prompts would not display.
  • Fixed an issue in which rendering a report would change the thread culture.
  • Fixed an HTML display problem with consolidated images (such as charts and gauges).
  • Fixed a GDI display problem with the WinForms report viewer that resulted in the page being displayed zoomed even at 100%.