Welcome to my blog.  My name is Brian Hartman.  I'm a lead developer on the SQL Server Reporting Services team.  I've been a member of this team since the first release of Reporting Services and have worked in several areas of the product.  For the past four years, my primary responsibility has been the ReportViewer controls.  I've been thinking about starting a blog for some time now, but like many people, kept putting it off due to other demands on my time.  Recent encouragement from others has finally given this effort the priority it deserves.

I have spent a few years answering questions in the report controls forum.  In doing so, some recurring issues have surfaced and the need for a single site that can serve as a collection of report viewer related solutions has become apparent.  My intention is to update this blog regularly with code samples, in depth explanations of ReportViewer behavior, and news on upcoming releases.  I hope you find it valuable.