BizSpark Graduation Offer

In the next year or so, a number of our BizSpark Startups will come to the end or their three years in BizSpark. Microsoft wants to be ready to help these companies transition into non-BizSpark partners as painlessly as possible.

Today we posted our offer to graduating BizSpark Startups. You can find the details here:

BizSpark Graduation Offer

The BizSpark Graduation Offer allows Startups who graduate from BizSpark to:

1. Keep, at no charge, all the software they currently use*, and

2. Have the option to purchase a subscription or maintenance to keep their software updated


After three years in the program, we will waive the $100 exit fee and offer the following:

ü Startups can renew their MSDN subscriptions at any level, starting at $935 for two years, per developer (MSDN renewals include Windows Azure benefits – compute hours, SQL storage, etc.)

ü Startups can purchase the first two years of Microsoft Software Assurance (upgrades, support and training) for production server licenses at a 50% discount.

If you’re not currently in BizSpark, check out the site at If you’re eligible, apply for the program. If you’re a startup on the east coast of the US, go ahead and drop me a note at and I’ll work with you directly.

It’s like watching your kids grow up. Smile