BizSpark Startup Flickchart covered in

Orlando Sentinel technology reporter Etan Horowitz did a nice writeup of Flickchart, a BizSpark startup based in Orlando. Check out the story below for a link to get in on the beta.


Central Florida entrepreneurs launch Web site allowing people to rate movies --

There's no shortage of Internet sites and services that rate movies.
RottenTomatoes and Metacritic compile critics' reviews; while lets users pick the Top 250 movies of all time. If you want to know what your Facebook friends thought of a film, there's the Flixster Movies application for Facebook and the iPhone.
Despite such a crowded landscape, two Central Florida entrepreneurs think they've come up with a better way to figure out which movies really are the greatest of all time. On Wednesday, Nathan Chase of Winter Garden and Jeremy Thompson of Apopka will launch Flickchart, a free site that ranks movies by giving users a decidedly simple choice: which film do you like better, movie A, or movie B?

As always, if you have questions about the BizSpark program, feel free to drop me a note.

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