Joe Wilcox on Spyware

Joe Wilcox has some insightful commentary on spyware and he links back into some MS content aroung this subject. Read this if you have young kids or teens using computers in your home.

Spyware, Kids and Online Commerce


Apparently, I'm not the only person concerned about the kid security risk. From today's is a graphic of a girl in pigtails and these chilling words: "'I accidentally downloaded what?' Help them learn how to watch for spyware." Click through leads to the Jan. 5 primer, "Spyware and your kids: Are your kids exposing you to spyware?" Related is the primer, "Spyware and your kids: How to help keep your kids from downloading spyware."

I do a few of things to help keep the kids' computers secure. Auto-update is running on the machines, AV and antispyware is installed, and they're all using their own MSN accounts through MSN Explorer. One of the best things MSN Explorer does is prevent them from opening the wrong sites by mistake. I've got my mom on this also. So far so good.