Log Files into Searchable Data

Kent links to a new article on his ASP.NET Developer Center:

Turn Your Log Files into Searchable Data Using Regex and the XML Classes

What?! You want me to transform all this into something searchable?" I asked with dismay. It was an early morning meeting with the company's CTO. The topic was, "We've got a bunch of log files from our legacy application, and we need to provide a good way to collect and search data from those logs." The "logs" were a bunch of year-old text files in which our legacy application saved all its logs for a specific task it performed. Now the customer wanted to have some statistics about all the operations that were written in those files.

CTO: "Yeah, and we need it right away. Can you do it?"

"Sure", I replied. I had to think about how to do this, though. Surely, this would be a challenge.

This article is seriously cool. It's not directly related to security, but it's one of those things that's great for security guys who live and die by what's happing in the logs.