Microsoft BizSpark: 12,000 software startups served!

I also posted this to Facebook. Congrats to the team on 12K BizSpark startups! For information on the program check out If you have questions, just drop me a note at I’m going to be doing some BizSpark events in the east soon. Stay tuned for details.

Microsoft BizSpark: 12 000 software startups served!

Six months ago, Microsoft announced the availability of a new global program for Startups called Microsoft BizSpark.  

Today, as we celebrate the program’s 6-months, we are pleased to announce that more than 12,000 Startups have already joined BizSpark.

BizSpark is available in 82 countries around the world, and, interestingly enough, we’ve seen significant uptake in countries like Brazil, Russia, China and India (4 out of the top 6 countries in terms of enrollment). BizSpark is fulfilling unmet demand for tools and technologies and we are seeing an increasing number of startups in these markets with high potential software industries.

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