Microsoft in the Cloud

The Microsoft in the Cloud events are coming to cities in the US East Coast in February and March. Stops include Washington DC, Atlanta, New York, Charlotte, and Boston. Check out the link below for details.

Microsoft in the Cloud

...For Today, Tomorrow and Beyond.

Are you evaluating cloud technologies and wondering where Microsoft fits in? Did you know that Microsoft has over 15 years of experience delivering services like Hotmail and more recently Xbox Live through the cloud to millions of users? Do you want to know more about what Microsoft’s annual investment in the cloud – a significant portion of its $9.5B R&D budget means to you and your company?

Companies everywhere are looking to leverage cloud technology to:

  • Drive greater efficiency in IT systems and cut costs out of IT infrastructure

  • Increase the scalability and agility of IT infrastructure

  • Reduce IT carbon footprints

  • Help developers respond more quickly to business requirements

  • Address lost productivity and user frustration with disconnected IT experiences

Join us to discover how Microsoft Cloud Computing enables organizations like yours:

  • Have the Flexibility of choosing whether your applications will run locally, in the cloud, or a combination of the two based on your business needs

  • Remain confident in the Security and availability of your data and services as you harness the efficiency, cost, and environmental benefits of the cloud

  • Maintain Control while increasing end-user satisfaction and productivity via the enablement of seamless experiences across the PC, Web, and phone.