MSN Search on David Letterman Last Night

This was on Letterman last night. Pretty funny:

Have you heard that Microsoft is launching a new search engine to compete with Google? They've come out with this commercial.

"Microsoft if proud to announce a new, comprehensive Internet search engine that is far superior to Google. And using the Microsoft search engine couldn't be easier: simply go to, click the sign-in button, register to create a .net password, complete the registration check, read the terms of use and statement of privacy and confirm your agreement, return to the homepage, click, stipulate how your search words are to be interpreted, then adjust how the results are to be displayed, indicate the file types your search should cover, then specify the content to be found on those sites, type, enter the desire topic, and click the search button. It's just that easy. The new Microsoft search engine --- Try it today!"
This piece cost us $40.

I'm actually using MSN for most of my searches now anyway. I use the MSN Explorer browser most of the time and I use the MSN Toolbar on machines where I don't have the MSN software installed. All this integration is just too convenient for me.