New geekSpeak episodes posted to Channel 9

I'm in the process of posting a small backlog of really excellent episodes of Glen Gordon's geekSpeak show to Channel 9. Keep your on on the page for updates over the next couple of days, or subscribe to one of the feeds listed below.



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geekSpeak is a weekly “talk-radio” for developers by working developers. Co-hosted by Glen Gordon and Lynn Langit (MSDN events). You ask the questions – working experts answer. Engaging talk with whiteboard and demos – live or recorded. Pre-show questions and post-show resources on the geekSpeak blog.

geekSpeak recording - SharePoint Wikis with David Mann
geekSpeak recording - ASP.NET Dynamic Data with Rachel Appel
geekSpeak recording - Virtualization for Developers with Step
geekSpeak recording - Dynamic Languages and the DLR with Mike Vincent
geekSpeak recording: The Mole Visualizer with Karl Shifflet