Security Chat November 18th

Update: I'm taking this off the security feed so the new one shows up on the Security Developer Center home page.

Update: Chat is over. Lots of good info from Mike and great questions. I'll post a link to the transcript when I get it.

Update: This chat is starting now. Go here to enter the chat room.

The next Mike Nash Security Chat is Thursday, November 18th at 9:00 AM (PST). These chats take place monthly and they provide an excellent chance to mix with the security experts at Microsoft. We really had a good time with the last chat, and I would encourage everyone interested in security to attend. Here's a link and a description:

Security in Microsoft Products
Join Mike Nash, Vice President for the Microsoft Security Business Unit, and his team of security experts each month. Microsoft is working hard to improve security and Mike and his team invite you to join them in a candid Q&A session. Ask us your tough questions; share with us what is going well and what needs improvement. This is your chance to talk up front with the leading security minds at Microsoft.

Click here to add the chat to your Outlook calendar. This page links to past chat transcripts.