Startup Post on TechCrunch: From Nothing To Something. How To Get There.

Great post on starting a new company by Seth Sternberg. In fact, this is such a great post that I had a hard time picking a paragraph to drop into my link. The best thing is, this is part of a series that Seth has planned for TechCrunch.

From Nothing To Something. How To Get There.

First and foremost, find a great founding team. One person is almost never enough. You just can’t do it all. Rather, team up with one or two other people who have skills synergistic – not overlapping – with your own, but with similar goals and passions. I can’t tell you how frequently teams of three business school students tell me they’re going to start the next great consumer Internet company. When I point out that they’re all business people, and wonder who’s going to build the product, they almost always fall back on “we’ll get a couple of undergrads to do it,” or, “we’ll outsource it.” If I hear either one of those, I know the startup’s already dead. Sorry, folks. Harsh, but probably true.

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