State of the Site

I took over as content strategist for the Visual C++ Developer Center just before the PDC last year and with the help of Visual C++ team members like Ami Vora and Product Manager Nick Hodapp, we've been able to steadily build the regular audience for the site so that we've now doubled the number of montly page views since the PDC. I heard from a few customers at TechEd that they were continuing to use C++ in their organizations because it had become obvious to them that Microsoft was indeed committed to supporting C++ as a key language in the future.

With that, I think that the first part of our job (continuing to drive interest in C++) is coming along really well. Now what I want to do is take our efforts to the next level and I need some help from the regular visitors to the site. I'm planning content for the July through December timeframe and what I would like to know is what you want to see on the site. What topics do you want covered in articles about C++? What potential new features of the site would be useful to you? How can I help you make the most of Visual C++?

You can leave comments on this post, or feel free to drop me a note anytime at As always, thanks for your feedback and support.