This last weekend I took a little time off with my family and I completely unplugged for three days. We went to Vancouver and had a great time. Of course, that leaves a couple hundred e-mails for me to plow through tonight, but it was really worth it. We've never been to Vancouver before and we were somewhat surprised at how busy that town is. So here's what we did:

Day One: Shopping and then dinner at Joe Fortes. (Excellent food, great service.)

Day Two: Stanley Park - Went to the Vancouver Aquarium and just walked around the park. Early dinner at The Fish House.

Day Three: Spent the early part of the day at the Second Beach Pool. We had a great time there and got a lot of sun. We had an appetizer lunch at The Seawall in the Westin Bayshore. Later we went to Cartwell in The Four Seasons for dinner. I enjoyed every single bite of that meal.

As you can probably tell, my favorite part of this vacation was the food, though everything else was great also.