Visual C++ 2005 Tools Refresh Updated

We posted a new drop of the Visual C++ 2005 compiler for the Visual Studio 2005 Beta and the Visual C++ 2005 Express Beta. The version number is 40904. This update should fix all the problems that the previous tools release had with mismatched libraries because it includes the matched import libs for non-pure managed CRT.

I've updated the download page with the new installer and some extra information in the Installation Instructions and the Additional Information sections. (Please note that the version information doesn't seem to be showing up correctly on the Download Center page. The download is 40904, but the version number on the page still says 40809. I've updated the page, but that specific change hasn't propagated to the the Web yet.)

So as before, this is beta code that's outside of our regular beta release, so use it with caution. We would love to get feedback from you about these tools. Please submit bugs and comments through the MSDN Product Feedback Center.

Visual C++ 2005 Tools Refresh

Updated: September 10, 2004

Thanks for using the Visual C++ 2005 Beta. The Visual C++ compiler team has done a lot of work that is not available in the Beta 1 release. The refresh program is for users of the Visual C++ 2005 Beta who want to try out the latest development builds.