Visual C++ FAQ Updated

We've updated the Visual C++ FAQ with a question and answer about what Visual C++ 2005 features have been implemented in the Visual Studio 2005 Beta Release and what you can look forward to in the final release.

Are there language features in Visual C++ that haven’t been implemented yet in the Beta1 release?
Yes, some language features that will be included in the final release weren’t implemented in the Beta 1 release. Here’s an approximate list of what you can expect:
Added in Beta 1

Managed class and interface definitions (e.g. ref class R { }; )
Managed handle (^) and reference (%) syntax
Named and explicit overrides
public and private on native types (e.g. public class C { }; )
initonly and literal
'abstract', 'sealed', and 'new' on methods
Unicode surrogate support
Implicit boxing
Managed templates (e.g. template<class T> ref class X { }; )
Verifiable and pure C++

Refer to the entire Q/A for more information about what's planned for the release.