WebsiteSpark is Live!

One of the projects I’ve been working on for the last few months has gone live today. Building on the success of the BizSpark program, we’ve launched a new program for professional Web developers and designers called WebsiteSpark. WebsiteSpark gives professional Web developers access to some select Microsoft servers and tools in order to build their sites, along with a load of other benefits.

Where the BizSpark program is designed for startup companies building their own Web application products, the WebsiteSpark program is designed for companies building Web sites for others as a business.  

For full details on what the program is, who qualifies, and what one gets from the program, check out the program FAQ. If you have any questions about WebsiteSpark, please feel free to drop a note to We also have a Twitter account to follow @websitespark.

We’ve updated the tools and applications available at, so you’ll want to check that out also.

image WebsiteSpark – Home

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