WomenBuild at the PDC and the MDC

I saw this morning that my friend Asli (among others) was interviewed by  Laura at the PDC last week about WomenBuild. Check out the interview and note that WomenBuild is going to be at the various MSDN Developer Conferences around the US.

WomenBuild... inspiring career paths in technology | Laura Foy | Channel 10

Last week at PDC I made it a point to swing by the WomenBuild networking event. The idea was to give groups of individuals (not necessarily solely women) LEGO® Bricks to build with as part of the LEGO® Serious Play Program (LSP). The goal was to incorporate the hands on process with the creative mind and....PLAY. It's always inspiring and astounding to see what happens when great minds gather and open conversation takes place amongst the worlds greatest developers and aspiring developers. It almost made me want to be a developer...Check out their FaceBook page and join me!
Please REGISTER for the MSDN Developer Conference coming to a city near you for more experiences with WomenBuild!