DEV306 from TechEd South Africa

And here's the deck from the second session I presented at TechEd South Africa. This session was titled "DEV306: Visual Studio Team System Tips and Tricks." This was a new presentation I created for this conference. The idea of a "Tips and Tricks" tends to be a bit free-form so when I picked up this topicĀ I decided to focus on the wealth of 3rd party and 1st party (Microsoft) utilities, documentation, add-ons, integrations, and other such resources to help people unleash the full potential of Visual Studio Team System. This talk was an hour but it was clear from preparing for this presentation that I could have easily filled an entire day (or more?) with this sort of content just because of the sheer ecosystem that has formed around Visual Studio Team System.

I have augmented the presentation by adding URL's in the speaker notes for each slide whenever there was a relevant resource worth linking to. Unfortunately to fit this presentation under my blog attachment limit I had to cut out some of the fun pictures. ;-)

Special thanks to Accentient for maintaining probably the best all-up list of Team System Widgets.

DEV306 - VSTS Tips and Tricks.pptx