Instant J#

I just found out about a code converter called Instant J#. This looks like a great product which helps generate J# code from Visual Basic code. Where might this be handy, you ask? Well, Visual Basic has the luxury of having a really well-established community of millions of users cranking out lots and lots of source code examples. Snippets, sample applications, starter kits, you name it and chances are somebody in the Visual Basic community has built it and posted it to the Web. Since J# is much newer than Visual Basic, and the market for J# is a bit more niche (Java developers porting their code to the .NET Framework) there are naturally fewer such samples available. So by using Instant J# it looks like the J# developer can work with not only Java and J# sample code, but leverage the plethora of Visual Basic sample code resources as well!

The #1 question people will probably ask is how good the conversion is. This sounds like a pretty powerful statement off of their Web site:

Accurate - typically over 99% of lines require no post-conversion adjustment (99.95% on Microsoft's "101 Visual Basic Code Samples"). This percentage will be reduced for code not having Option Strict set or code heavily dependent on late-binding or COM interop.

The 101 Code Samples span a wide range of application types, so I think this is a strong testament to the tool. Check it out and let me know what you think.