J# Browser Controls v1.1b now available

J# Browser Controls v1.1b is now available for download


What are J# Browser Controls?

J# Browser Controls provide developers with the ability to migrate Java applet source code to run on the .NET Framework. This was developed primarily for MSJVM migrations, but can be used for migrating other applets as well.

Once migrated, J# Browser Controls have full access to the .NET Framework. We’ve already seen J# Browser Controls play a critical role for customers who want to migrate away from the MSJVM. One such customer is the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. A major benefit of using J# Browser Controls to perform this type of migration is that very little (if any) source code changes are required to compile and run the applet as a J# Browser Control.

What’s new in this release?

Version 1.1b replaces version 1.1 and adds support for our top requested features. Version 1.1b adds scripting support (interaction of J# Browser Controls with script functionality on a Web page) and offline support (optional hosting of J# Browser Controls without requiring a Web server). J# Browser Controls v1.1b also provides support for the Netscape JavaScript API functionality. For detailed information, please view the white paper. Localized versions of the J# Browser Controls v1.1b runtime and documentation should be coming online sometime in August.