Joel Semeniuk Discusses Team System on DotNetRocks

I just listened to this week's episode of DotNetRocks which features a great Team System interview: Joel Semeniuk Updates Us on Team System. Joel did a really nice job of providing an overview of Team System and interjecting his own experiences using and consulting on Team System.

At 32:15 Joel talks about the VSTS Customization Toolkit he created which can be used to graphically edit process templates, work item types, and global lists. The out-of-the-box experience with editing these aspects of Team Foundation Server requires you to hand-edit the XML, so not surprisingly I've heard quite a bit of positive feedback from customers who have tried Joel's tool. You can download his toolkit for free.

At 46:55 Joel discusses Team System's support for the CMMI development metholody. To supplement Joel's comments we do support CMMI Level 3 with Team Foundaton Server out-of-the-box and we even partnered with the Software Engineering Institute to help ensure we got the implementation right. We have even partnered with a few customers to extend their Team Foundation Server deploments to support CMMI Level 5. Yesterday I filmed an interview with David Anderson and we spent some time talking about Team Foundtion Server's support for CMMI, such as how our approach to CMMI is based on Agile techniques. Look for that video which should go live on Channel9 within the next couple of weeks. I'll also update my blog once it's live.

Thanks for the interview Joel, Carl, and Richard!