My paragliding trip

This past weekend I went paragliding with my brother, his girlfriend, and some other friends of ours. It was the first time for all of us, but I guarantee that it won't be my last! It was a truly amazing trip. I was surprised to discover that I wasn't scared whatsoever. Instead it was a very serene experience just soaring over the treetops listening to nothing but the wind. While our flights were each only about 5-10 minutes long, it is possible to experience flights that last hours if you get the right wind and thermal conditions. After my trip I was on eBay looking into buying my own glider... I've got the bug!

I also made a video of the experience. My flight starts around 6:30. I have to say that I love the version of Windows Movie Maker which is included with Windows Vista. With XP, a project of this size and complexity would have easily crashed. It looks like they fixed the stability issues and have also put in a lot of nice fit-and-finish features when building this version. I also tried MSN Soapbox for the first time and the experience there was really nice also. The first time I uploaded my video there was an unknown error during the encoding process, but I tried again and it worked just fine.

Brian's Paragliding Trip

If you are interested in paragliding in Washington be sure to check out They are excellent hosts and trainers who will provide you with a great introduction to the sport.