My TechEd Brasil 2010 Presentations

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at TechEd Brasil for the third year in a row. I absolutely love this event. Everybody I spoke to this week was very knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly. We had some great discussions about Visual Studio application lifecycle management (Team Foundation Server, software testing, software architecture, etc.). “Obrigado” to all of my new friends who I met this week!

As promised, I have uploaded the slide deck that I used during my presentations, although 80-90% of my presentation was based on live demos so the slides may not provide much content if you weren't able to attend my sessions (see the recordings below if you missed it).

Almost all of my demos can be found as hands-on-labs if you want to try this out for yourself.

 I know that the sessions were recorded but I don’t know the timeframe for making them available online. When I find out I’ll update my post here. Meanwhile, you can watch me deliver similar content here:

 PS: During one of my presentations I asked the audience to teach me about a popular Brazilian dish so that I could use it as part of my build-deploy-test workflow to prove that it was a real, live deployment. The dish they taught me about is feijoada. It’s too bad I’m a vegetarian because it sounds delicious!

Brian Keller - Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010.pptx