My TechEd Israel 2010 Presentations

This week I presented 2 sessions at TechEd Israel 2010 in Eilat. This was my first time presenting at TechEd Israel and I hope to come back in the future – it was great meeting lots of people who I have been working with virtually over the last few years. The Israeli development community sure is active and is full of some very talented people.


As promised, I have uploaded the slide decks for my presentations. You can download them here.


A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010 Application Lifecycle Management: This was a demo-rich session during which I highlighted some of the many enhancements we’ve made to the application lifecycle management tooling across the Visual Studio 2010 family, which includes Team Foundation Server 2010. During this session we installed Team Foundation Server 2010 (in under 5 minutes!), showed off the new support for branching and merging visualizations with TFS, dove into IntelliTrace for some historical application debugging, showcased build management (included gated check-ins), and touched on reporting and software testing (each of which were covered in depth during other presentations). I love presenting these “Lap Around” sessions since I get to touch on a lot of different technologies. The only downside is that a single session is never enough time to cover everything that I want to cover!


Agile Project Management with Team Foundation Server 2010: In this session I showed off how the MSF Agile for Software Development v5 process template and associated Agile Planning Workbooks allow you to effectively plan, manage, and track your agile software projects with Team Foundation Server 2010. This session was modeled after a session presented by Aaron Bjork and Peter Provost on the same topic. For their session they used the Visual Studio Scrum template, and for mine I used the MSF Agile process template, in order to show a comparison between the two approaches. Unfortunately this session was not recorded, but you can find Aaron and Peter’s excellent session here.


I also collaborated on the developer keynote that Jason Zander presented, and I delivered a demonstration of our new Silverlight automated testing features towards the end. You can watch the video of that presentation here. (Unfortunately neither of my other sessions were recorded this time.)


Here are some other resources that I mentioned during my session:

If you were at my sessions please take a moment to complete a session evaluation if you haven't already done so. Your feedback helps me fine tune my content, and if you liked it, this helps ensure that I get invited back and continue to invest my time developing content for you.


Thanks to everybody I interacted with at TechEd Israel who helped to make this a truly awesome experience!