New Article: Integrating the Infosys Project Management System with Visual Studio Team System

I am pleased to report that we have just published a whitepaper I wrote which details how the Visual Studio Team System Rangers* team worked with Infosys to integrate Team Foundation Server with their in-house project management system. By integrating the two systems they can allow their project managers using their internal project management system to work seamlessly with the development team who is using Team Foundation Server. Updates between the two systems happen automatically as a result of the integration work.

While we have talked about Infosys's adoption of Team Foundation Server in the past with a case study, this whitepaper delves into the details of that implementation and is a suggested read for anybody pursuing such integration with Team Foundation Server.

*The Visual Studio Team System Rangers are part of Jeff Beehler's team. In addition to being a team of highly-skilled consultants who specialize in Visual Studio Team System, they have the added advantage of working for the product group. This puts them on the cutting edge of solution development, and oftentimes the work they do to extend or customers Visual Studio Team System ends up laying the groundwork for features which ultimately find their way into the official product. Jeff has blogged about just a few of the many projects the Rangers have undertaken.