New Case Study: Top Image Systems

We just published a new case study which showcases how a software team in Israel, Top Image Systems (TIS), decided to move from IBM ClearCase onto Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server. The problems they faced with their existing ClearCase solution are pretty common complaints I have heard from several customers. Here's an excerpt from the case study:

TIS also had issues with maintenance on ClearCase. “Maintaining the product is very complicated, and because of that it is necessary to hire technical people with very specialized skills,” Shalev says. “That isn’t easy. On the other hand, many developers are familiar with Microsoft environments.”

TIS faced a decision: whether to continue with ClearCase or migrate to an entirely new environment. “We realized that upgrading to the new version of ClearCase would be very expensive,” admits Shalev. “We knew that we had to switch to an entirely new product.”

To read more about why TIS chose Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server and the benefits it brought to their software development processes see the full case study.