New Translations Available for Visual Studio 2012 ALM Hands-on-Labs / Demo Scripts

I just received word that the Visual Studio 2012 ALM Hands-on-Labs / Demo Scripts have been translated through community efforts into both Brazilian Portuguese and Arabic!

November 29 2012 Update: The link above was updated with a link to newer versions of the Brazilian Portuguese documents.

June 6 Update: Mohamed also took the time to record videos of the Arabic translated hands-on-labs / demo scripts. These are great!

A huge thank you, obrigado, and شكرا to the following people who have made these community translations a reality: Mohamed Radwan, Arley de Padua,  Willian Candido, Marcia Candido, Camila Tomaz, Marcelo Bolzan, Guilherme Oliveira Coelho, José Percy de Amorim e Silva Neto, Sergio Medeiros Salviano Junior, Olivio Waldemar Becker Neto, Pablo Coelho Ferreira, Helder Silva de Padua, Arley Silva de Padua, Vitor Paulino Xavier de Sousa, Mônica Peres de Sá, and José Belardo de Sales Filho e Lenyllson de Moura Bezerra.

I love it when the community bonds together to develop content like this which can help make this content accessible to millions of people around the world.

PS: If you prefer Hindi, Tarun Arora posted a subset of these labs from the developer preview in Hindi. The screenshots and steps are slightly different from what’s in the beta, but the ideas are the same.