Now Available: Update 3 refresh of Visual Studio 2013 ALM Virtual Machine

I’m pleased to announce that today we’ve published the Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 ALM Virtual Machine. This includes several updates to the hands-on-labs / demo scripts to show off some of the new capabilities which have been added in Updates 1 – 3.

With the continuous stream of great updates coming to Visual Studio every few months I haven’t been able to update the virtual machine with each new update, so I didn’t publish a new VM for Updates 1 or 2. But with Update 3 we hit critical mass of some great ALM capabilities which demanded an update.

For people who are interested in this level of detail, I’ve included a high-level changelog below which details the updates we’ve made in this version of the VM and labs. You can download the latest version of the VM and corresponding hands-on-labs / demo scripts at You can find a list of our other ALM VM’s at As always, we love hearing your feedback.


Virtual Machine

  • Upgraded to Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Applied all recent Windows Updates
  • Increased the size of the VHD file to account for the updates
  • Added TFS 2013 Power Tools
  • Other smaller fit-and-finish fixes and updates based on user feedback


Connecting to Visual Studio Online Using the Visual Studio 2013 ALM Virtual Machine

  • This is a brand new document which explains how to disable the date & time hack and make other special considerations if you want to use this virtual machine to evaluate Visual Studio Online.


Agile Planning and Portfolio Management with Team Foundation Server 2013

  • Added steps showing the ability to show/hide in-progress work items on backlog
  • Added notes regarding work item tagging support in queries and in Visual Studio
  • Added step to pin lightweight chart in web access


Debugging with IntelliTrace using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013

  • Added Exercise 2, Using IntelliTrace with Call Information


Embracing Continuous Delivery with Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

  • Added optional exercise demonstrating release to Azure using DSC
  • Changed “Release Management Deployer” references to “Microsoft Deployment Agent”
  • Updated manual release to trigger from Configure Apps | Release Templates instead of Releases tab in Release Management Client.
  • Added note to end of Ex. 3 regarding tagging support


Getting Started with Git using Team Foundation Server 2013

  • Now creating the new website using the ASP.NET Web Application wizard
  • Added note about CodeLens features for Git


Introduction to Platform Testing with Microsoft Test Manager 2013

  • Run settings are now located in their own sub-tab in MTM (Plan | Run Settings)


Introduction to Test Case Management with Microsoft Test Manager 2013

  • Run settings are now located in their own sub-tab in MTM (Plan | Run Settings)


New Collaboration Experiences for Development Teams using Team Foundation Server 2013

  • Added note about CodeLens support for Git sources to end of CodeLens exercise


All 25 labs include the following:

  • Screenshot updates as necessary, other minor edits