Slides from my TechEd Brazil Sessions

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Brazil and present at TechEd Brazil 2009 to share my passion about what’s coming in Visual Studio Team System 2010.

I finally got around to uploading my slides from two of my presentations. The decks aren’t scripted so if you weren’t at my talk you might be missing some of the context required to understand what I was talking about, but there’s a lot of content in there which may still be useful if you’re trying to wrap your head around what’s coming in VSTS 2010.

ALM201 - New Features in Visual Studio Team System 2010 This session will be a quick tour through some of the great new features coming in Visual Studio Team System 2010. This includes new project management capabilities (hierarchical work items, agile reporting, iteration planning, MOSS dashboards); branching and merging visualizations; new tools for application architecture; historical debugging; test impact analysis; and a brief overview of the new testing capabilities (for more on testing see my other session!).

ALM302 - Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2010 Are you tired of spending hours trying to reproduce and diagnose bugs? Do you have a hard time getting testers and developers to talk to each other? Is it difficult to determine which tests are most important to run after you produce a new build?

If so then this session is for you! Software testing is perhaps the #1 area of investment for Visual Studio Team System 2010. During this session we will explore manual testing, lab management, data diagnostics adapters, the “actionable bug”, functional UI testing, test impact analysis, and much, much more which will help you more easily find and eliminate defects from your software.

This was a really fun set of sessions to deliver. Unfortunately it’s impossible to cover everything that makes up Visual Studio Team System 2010 in two hours – there’s just too much good stuff coming out!