Team Foundation Server Migration Toolkit

Matthew Mitrik, a PM on the Team Foundation Server, blogged about the TFS Migration Toolkit that his team is building. As more and more customers make the switch to Team Foundation Server, we've been seeing some serious demand for tools to help customers migrate to Team Foundation Server from their legacy source control management tools. We already have a pretty good tool to help you migrate off of Visual SourceSafe which is the most popular source control management solution out there. But past SourceSafe, the rest of the market adoption is spread amongst dozens of commercial and open source tools. Since it would be infeasible to create a specific migration toolkit for each of these tools, Matt's toolkit will provide a "generic" set of interfaces which can then be configured to help customers migrate from virtually any tool over to Team Foundation Server. If you have specific ideas in mind for what a good tool would look like, or specific tools you're considering migrating off of, head on over and leave Matt a comment with your feedback.