Team System Power Toys Galore!

If you haven't already done so, head on over to Brian Harry's blog to check out his post on the new Team System Power Toys. There are some really great new features designed to enhance your overall Team System experience. I especially like the annotation feature which allows you to see, line by line, who last touched your source code and when. What's your favorite Power Toy?

There are also a ton of great add-ons and samples being built by members of the Team System community, so before coding up your own I always suggest looking online to see if somebody else may have built what you need.

Brian also points out that due to popular demand the MSSCCI provider is now officially supported for use with most legacy Microsoft development tools. MSSCCI provides a great way of connecting to Team Foundation Server from older IDE's, or even several non-Microsoft development environments which implement the MSSCCI interface. You can then install Team Explorer side-by-side to access Team Foundation Server data which isn't exposed via MSSCCI such as work-items or build configurations.

Have a great weekend! I'm afraid this may be one of the last sunny weekends in Seattle for the summer so I'm going to try to soak it up.