TFS Attacher: Upload Pictures to TFS from your Windows Phone

I love this new Windows Phone 7 application from my friend René van Osnabrugge in the Netherlands. The idea is simple – you want to take a picture and upload it to Team Foundation Server. Maybe you want to capture some drawings from a whiteboard, maybe it’s a picture of an error message from a user’s desktop, or that proverbial “drawing on the back of a napkin” where all good ideas are born… whatever it is, this application for Windows Phone makes it easy to snap that photo and upload it as an attachment to a work item.

This app also looks stunning. It’s clear that René didn’t just call it a day once he got the basic functionality working. He took the time to make a great looking application which is a joy to use.


Selfishly, of course, I’m thrilled that he decided to use my OData Service for Team Foundation Server to enable this solution. :-)

You can read all about the application and how to download and configure it here. Enjoy!