Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Standardized as Enterprise-wide Service at Microsoft.

Recently I started compiling a list of the teams at Microsoft who are using Visual Studio Team System. It quickly became obvious that several teams across Microsoft are making heavy use of Visual Studio Team System. I'm constantly hearing about new teams who have adopted various components of Team System which is enabling them to fundamentally change they way they develop software.

As you may have heard, the Team System team themselves have been using early builds of Team System since 2004, and that’s a team which is geographically distributed worldwide and must coordinate with several partner teams who all need access to Team Foundation Server. The rest of the Developer Division - nearly 1000 people - recently moved over to using Team Foundation Server as well. Brian Harry publishes regular statistics for those servers which showcases how Team Foundation Server has scaled to accommodate even very large teams, and this dogfooding effort has driven some incredible performance enhancements which will be showing up in our upcoming service pack. But here are just a few other teams at Microsoft I’ve discovered to-date who have adopted Visual Studio Team System: XNA, Dynamics AX, Hotmail, MSN Autos, Microsoft TV, Mappoint,, and Channel 9/10.

We have published several case studies showing how Visual Studio Team System has been adopted internally at Microsoft, including a new case study which details how Team Foundation Server has been standardized as an enterprise-wide service at Microsoft. As an enterprise-wide service that means any team at Microsoft who wants to adopt Team Foundation Server can enlist the help of a Team Foundation Server Solution Provider Team. The Solution Provider Team provides consulting and training to help a team get started, and even enlists a dedicated IT team which handles all of the server infrastructure. It’s a great service that more and more teams are taking advantage of every week.