Visual Studio Team System Rangers Web Site Goes Live

The Visual Studio Team Systems Rangers is a group that I’ve been fortunate to work with for the past few years. They consist of VSTS product team members, top-notch Microsoft Consulting Services specialists, and VSTS MVP’s who have a straightforward mission of creating great content for Visual Studio Team System. In the past this content has included whitepapers, training content, add-ins, power tools, and more, all targeted at accelerating the adoption of Visual Studio Team System.

Until recently, the VSTS Rangers team has been working pretty much “behind the scenes” – they work on a lot projects which get surfaced via services engagements, or via sites like Codeplex, but they didn’t generally maintain a very public-facing brand. But as their resume for producing killer content has grown, they are now becoming something of their own brand. This is great to see, since you know that if you are checking out a project produced by the Rangers it is sure to be a good one.

Which leads us to… the VSTS Rangers Web site. My friend Willy-Peter summarized the new site on his blog. If you work with Visual Studio Team System, then this is a must-have site on your list of favorites.

And on that note, I’m very excited about the latest project I’m working with the Rangers on… stay tuned for more about that coming at the end of September.