What's Google going to do with Keyhole?


I'm wondering what Google intends to do with Keyhole? The press release simply says, "Keyhole users will benefit from the expanded resources and operational scale made possible by the integration into Google."

Ok, so Google's cash pile brings some capitalĀ into the Keyhole operations. Well, lots of capital. But how does this leverage the synergies of the two companies? Google = Search. Yes, there is a search element to mapping. But in a mapping environment, the metadata is very limited (addresses, landmarks, roads, etc.). But on the Internet, there are a million ways of slicing a result set and Google does a very good job at quickly helping me find what I want. Rarely do I go to MapPoint and have any problem narrowing my search to the location I want. So funding aside, why would Google acquire Keyhole? How does 1 + 1 = 3 in this scenario? I don't get it yet.

Granted... I've beenĀ a big fan of Keyhole every since David Weller introduced me to them, so if nothing else it's good to see the annual subscription price was slashed.