Zoom in/out with Visual Studio 2010 editor

Edit: The keyboard shortcuts below will only work with builds of Visual Studio 2010 post-beta 1. So this is something to look forward to for beta 2, coming “soon”!

Visual Studio 2010 now supports the ability to zoom in and out of the text editor by using the mouse wheel. I love this feature for a couple of reasons:

- Makes it easy to pop in and out of your code to toggle between the “big picture” and “code level” views.

- Very nice when showing code to a group, such as during a demo to a large audience, or during team code reviews.

But what if you don’t have a mouse wheel? It turns out that there are keyboard shortcuts for this.



Keyboard Shortcut

Zoom in



Zoom out



The team has also added a zoom indicator in beta 2, similar to what you see in other applications like IE or Word. Here’s a screenshot:



Thanks to Brittany Behrens on the VS Editor team for this information. Check out the VS Editor blog for more great tips on the new Visual Studio 2010 editor!