Canberra Visual Studio Team System user group is ready for launch!

Well, Nils announced it first ... Canberra now has it's very own Visual Studio Team System user group. 

First meeting details are not set in stone right now, but here's what we have:

What: Canberra Visual Studio Team System user group
When: Wednesday 24th Jan 2007, 8AM to 9:30AM
Where: Microsoft Canberra offices, 44 Sydney Avenue, Barton.

The team responsible:

This is not your standard users group.  Like Mitch says, this should be more like a workshop than a presentation only user group.  Share experiences you've had... good and bad.

The charter sums it up nicely:  "The purpose of the VSTS User Group is to form a community of practice for Canberra-based IT professionals interested in the use of Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) to support the Software Development Lifecycle. The group meetings will not be used to deliver marketing or sales content, but instead will focus on knowledge sharing on effective use of VSTS (tips, tricks, traps). "